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Islamic Center of San Diego

Muslims San Diego“People keep saying that Muslims are not voicing their opinion by condemning terrorism. This is because Fox News is not coming here to ask us our opinions,” said Usman Khan, a volunteer and congregant at the Islamic Center of San Diego (ICSD). “Ask anyone here what they understand Islam to be, and they will condemn terrorism.”

Khan often speaks at local colleges and high schools about Islam. “We want to represent the peaceful faith. Yes, there are bad Muslims, but you can’t fault Islam for that. There are bad Christians and bad Jews. Do we fault Christianity with Hitler, who used the Bible to justify his actions? Do we blame Christians because of the KKK? Do people hold the Jews accountable because of Baruch Goldstein?” (In 1994, Goldstein killed 29 Arab worshippers and injured 100 in the Cave of the Patriarchs, a site holy to both Muslims and Jews.) Khan said that 1.2 billion Muslims should not be blamed for the action of a few extremists.
San Diego Islam
Part of the problem, stated Khan, is that the media indicts Muslims. “I listen to local talk radio, such as Roger Hedgecock and Rick Roberts. They misquote Islam and spread false ideas about what we believe. I have tried to call them, but they either hang up on me or leave me on hold,” said Khan. “Muslims get blamed more than any other group. After the Oklahoma bombing, people instantly accused Islamic terrorists. But there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.” Khan said the terrorists are motivated over political issues. “The problems in the Middle East that cause terrorism are because the people are oppressed by dictators and past western colonization. It is a political issue. There is nothing Islamic about terrorism. We don’t call the IRA bombings Catholic terrorism.” Khan said that the beliefs of Islam are not compatible with terrorism.

Full Article: Islamic Center of San Diego

Church Website Content Management Systems

A team of us are beginning to build an affordable Church based content management sytem. What are important features that a church system wouldt need? (We’re going to call it, Ekklesia Systems. )
Ekklesia Church Content Management System
1. Built based on Web Standards
2. Powered by a Flexible Open Source Structure – Upgrade path.
-Separation of Content and Web Features (modify navigation and website tools without disrupting content.)
-Separation of Content and Presentation (maintain consistency in design for all new content created with style-based content authoring.)
3. Integrates powerful Technologies – (mp3, podcasting, rss)
4. Easy to Use Administration
5. Great Design

Features: Continue reading

San Diego Premarriage Counseling

Ok, we’re two weeks from leading a group of couples through premarriage counseling here in San Diego. Let me know if you have any books you highly recommend. Here are three more I’m picking up:

1. Strengthening Your Marriage (Paperback) by Wayne A. Mack
2. Rocking the Roles: Building a Win-Win Marriage (Paperback) by Robert Lewis, William Hendricks
3. Your Family, God’s Way: Developing and Sustaining Relationships in the Home (Paperback) by Wayne A. MacK

Billy Corgan: The Future Embrace

Billy CorganThis past year has been a busy and creative period for the former front man of the bands Smashing Pumkins and Zwan. After releasing his first book of poetry, “Blinking with Fists,” an ongoing extremely personal online autobiography on MySpace, Billy Corgan has just unleashed his first solo record: The Future Embrace.

Although not much of a departure from later Pumpkin albums, the Future Embrace relies more on synth textures and quiet reflective melodies than on the distorted guitar driven Goth-pop Corgan is famous for. If you haven‚Äôt liked his past bands, it is highly unlikely that you will embrace (pun intended) this album. He still has the same nasally voice and clich?©d lyrics that have driven many listeners away. What has changed over the past few years is a burgeoning spirituality in Billy‚Äôs life and lyrics that reflect faith, hope and love. Although I won‚Äôt presume he is a Christian, because he has not outright confessed to be one – in recent interviews, online posts, and lyrical content, he seems to imply it.

Full Article: Billy Corgan: The Future Embrace
(Author Brian Thomas)

Americans In Search of the Spiritual

In Search of the SpiritualGood article, In Search of the Spiritual – Move over, politics. Americans are looking for personal, ecstatic experiences of God, and, according to our poll, they don’t much care what the neighbors are doing. Newsweek

Mark Driscoll mp3 where he ” really lays out where Acts 29 stands theologically and missionally.”

(thanks KaleoBill for the heads up on these two)

Dignity San Diego

Dignity Church San Diego“The Roman Catholic Church has a history of changing its position on issues. It just takes a long time. Look at the church’s stance on Galileo. It took them hundreds of years to finally apologize and admit they were wrong. In time, the Roman Catholic Church’s position will change [on homosexuality], but most likely, it will not be in my lifetime,” said Pat McArron, president of the local San Diego Dignity chapter and past president of the national organization. McArron has been active in the dialogue about homosexuality with the Roman Catholic Church for over 30 years. “Dignity was founded as a therapy group for homosexuals in 1969. Today, Dignity is a community of Catholics creating a place for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender people to feel comfortable. It has a two-fold mission: to provide a place of worship without recrimination and to speak to the greater Catholic community about the issues. “Our message to the Roman Catholic Church is pretty simple. Stop calling us objectively disordered. Stop looking at us as any more sinful than any other Catholic. Our sexuality is not an abomination,” said McArron. “We’ve seen a real disconnect between the people in the pews and the hierarchy of the church. The bishops and cardinals feel they need to toe the line. A lot of people in positions of leadership compromise their own beliefs because they are afraid they will lose their jobs.”

Full Article: Dignity San Diego

Radical Reformission

Mark Driscoll’s (of Mars Hill Church, the church that is planting our church Kaleo) book is reviewed by Challies Dot Com a popular blogger. Read the review and subsequent discussion about Radical Reformission, part 2 and part 3. It’s kind of funny to have all these strangers dissect Mark and his intentions. While I do appreciate Challies balanced approach, many of the (visitors) comments are way off. Having been at Mars Hill back when it was under 100 people where I attended for 5 years, including time in the Driscoll home, it seems people really miss the mark on his intentions. Their comments poke at the book in areas that it has zero intention to address (church discipline, etc.) Also, (reformed guys) all seem to want it to be primarily a theological treatise, which it isnt’. If an author had to unpack every single comment the minimum book size would be 2,000 pages. Ah, aren’t we all wonderful critics.

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Returning to the Eden Plan Spiritually

I read an interesting quote from NT Wright, from an article titled: Faith can do what postmodernism can’t — ‘give life’ (found it while at A Cognizant Discourse). Here’s a quote that struck me:

“The whole New Testament is written from the point of view that new creation has already begun — that it began when Jesus of Nazareth came out of the tomb on Easter morning and that through His victory over sin and death there are indeed real possibilities which were not there before,” Wright said.

This new creation, he said, is most apparent in John’s Gospel.

He noted, for example:

— Mary Magdalene, the first human to encounter the risen Jesus, mistook Him to be a gardener, which echoes the Genesis 1 and 2 account of God in the Garden of Eden.

— Later in John 20, Jesus breathes on the disciples, thus reenacting the breath of life in Genesis 2.

— Jesus’ reinstating Peter and commissioning him to tend His sheep mirrors God’s commission to Adam in Genesis 2 to tend the animals.

“The whole chapter of John 21,” Wright continued, “has a sense of the disciples’ calling to live in a strange, unmapped, new land, in a world never previously imagined because it was never previously possible, in a world in which one can follow Jesus.”

It made me think of God’s original mandate for man to cultivate the garden until it filled the earth physically but now we are called to this same mandate spiritually.

Christian Writers

Thanks to those of you who replied about the (Emergent) Christian Writers Needed. While my earlier post pays $, there is a local (San Diego) magazine called the Paper Lion that seeks writers to submit their work.

I am looking for articles that may inspire young Christian people to look for or search out this type of activity on a Friday or Saturday night. I am looking for good Christian articles for believers and non-believers. Articles that will get people to look for Jesus, if you will. Fictional stories that will make the readers think; “What am I doing for God?”” Where am I going when I die?”

Like I said, no earthly pay on this one, but if you’d like to get your work published, it is a good start….

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