Returning to the Eden Plan Spiritually

I read an interesting quote from NT Wright, from an article titled: Faith can do what postmodernism can’t — ‘give life’ (found it while at A Cognizant Discourse). Here’s a quote that struck me:

“The whole New Testament is written from the point of view that new creation has already begun — that it began when Jesus of Nazareth came out of the tomb on Easter morning and that through His victory over sin and death there are indeed real possibilities which were not there before,” Wright said.
This new creation, he said, is most apparent in John’s Gospel.
He noted, for example:
— Mary Magdalene, the first human to encounter the risen Jesus, mistook Him to be a gardener, which echoes the Genesis 1 and 2 account of God in the Garden of Eden.
— Later in John 20, Jesus breathes on the disciples, thus reenacting the breath of life in Genesis 2.
— Jesus’ reinstating Peter and commissioning him to tend His sheep mirrors God’s commission to Adam in Genesis 2 to tend the animals.
“The whole chapter of John 21,” Wright continued, “has a sense of the disciples’ calling to live in a strange, unmapped, new land, in a world never previously imagined because it was never previously possible, in a world in which one can follow Jesus.”

It made me think of God’s original mandate for man to cultivate the garden until it filled the earth physically but now we are called to this same mandate spiritually.