Billy Corgan: The Future Embrace

Billy CorganThis past year has been a busy and creative period for the former front man of the bands Smashing Pumkins and Zwan. After releasing his first book of poetry, “Blinking with Fists,” an ongoing extremely personal online autobiography on MySpace, Billy Corgan has just unleashed his first solo record: The Future Embrace.
Although not much of a departure from later Pumpkin albums, the Future Embrace relies more on synth textures and quiet reflective melodies than on the distorted guitar driven Goth-pop Corgan is famous for. If you haven‚Äôt liked his past bands, it is highly unlikely that you will embrace (pun intended) this album. He still has the same nasally voice and clich?©d lyrics that have driven many listeners away. What has changed over the past few years is a burgeoning spirituality in Billy‚Äôs life and lyrics that reflect faith, hope and love. Although I won‚Äôt presume he is a Christian, because he has not outright confessed to be one – in recent interviews, online posts, and lyrical content, he seems to imply it.
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(Author Brian Thomas)