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Muslims San Diego“People keep saying that Muslims are not voicing their opinion by condemning terrorism. This is because Fox News is not coming here to ask us our opinions,” said Usman Khan, a volunteer and congregant at the Islamic Center of San Diego (ICSD). “Ask anyone here what they understand Islam to be, and they will condemn terrorism.”
Khan often speaks at local colleges and high schools about Islam. “We want to represent the peaceful faith. Yes, there are bad Muslims, but you can’t fault Islam for that. There are bad Christians and bad Jews. Do we fault Christianity with Hitler, who used the Bible to justify his actions? Do we blame Christians because of the KKK? Do people hold the Jews accountable because of Baruch Goldstein?” (In 1994, Goldstein killed 29 Arab worshippers and injured 100 in the Cave of the Patriarchs, a site holy to both Muslims and Jews.) Khan said that 1.2 billion Muslims should not be blamed for the action of a few extremists.
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Part of the problem, stated Khan, is that the media indicts Muslims. “I listen to local talk radio, such as Roger Hedgecock and Rick Roberts. They misquote Islam and spread false ideas about what we believe. I have tried to call them, but they either hang up on me or leave me on hold,” said Khan. “Muslims get blamed more than any other group. After the Oklahoma bombing, people instantly accused Islamic terrorists. But there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.” Khan said the terrorists are motivated over political issues. “The problems in the Middle East that cause terrorism are because the people are oppressed by dictators and past western colonization. It is a political issue. There is nothing Islamic about terrorism. We don’t call the IRA bombings Catholic terrorism.” Khan said that the beliefs of Islam are not compatible with terrorism.
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