Church Website Content Management Systems

A team of us are beginning to build an affordable Church based content management sytem. What are important features that a church system wouldt need? (We’re going to call it, Ekklesia Systems. )
Ekklesia Church Content Management System
1. Built based on Web Standards
2. Powered by a Flexible Open Source Structure – Upgrade path.
-Separation of Content and Web Features (modify navigation and website tools without disrupting content.)
-Separation of Content and Presentation (maintain consistency in design for all new content created with style-based content authoring.)
3. Integrates powerful Technologies – (mp3, podcasting, rss)
4. Easy to Use Administration
5. Great Design
ÔÇß Content Management System
o Editable classification and specific templates to handle:
ÔÇß Sermons
ÔÇß Articles
ÔÇß Teaching/Study Guides
o WYSWIG Editor
o Ability to add elements such as attachments (pdf/doc), images, mp3s, podcasts,
o Relevant Linking ‚Äì Keyword ‘meta data’ to display relevant resources (eg. A sermon on God’s Sovereignty would show books, teachings or other resources attached to this term.)
o Photo gallery
o Resource Web Directory (recommended reading lists, links, etc.)
ÔÇß Contact Management System
o Newsletter tool
ÔÇß Event Management System
o Web-based Calendar
o Events (Sunday, home groups, small groups, etc.)
ÔÇß Membership System
o Personalization and Relevancy- Provide content to visitors based on their segmentation preferences and interests. Content can be linked by relevancy to create a rich user experience.
o Membership Features – Offer exclusive content, web features and secure login areas to create and modify profiles for members.
o Online Members Directory
ÔÇß Assimilation System
o Track guests through the assimilation process towards membership.
ÔÇß Interactive System
o Forums
o Custom Applications and Forms
o Blogs
o Classifieds
ÔÇß Tracking System
o Online Visitor Reports
Keep your eye out for Ekklesia Church Content Management System.