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Using the Internet to Gather, Connect and as a place of Mission

internetmission.gif Breakout session 6   Thursday 845 to 945am

Today is Internet Evangelism Day. More and more we need to see the internet as a mission field.  As our culture moves increasingly online, this presentation discusses how churches can be missionaries to unbelievers, gather the unchurched and connect with their community.  This is a session I did last week at the National New Church Conference.  The session wasn't recorded but a lot of Q&A occurred as much of the information was new for the audience.  Feel free to post if you have questions.

Session PDF: Using the Internet to Gather, Connect and as a place of Mission  

The Forgotten Ways

theforgottenways-735956.jpgI had a chance to hear Alan Hirsch and ask him a few questions at a dinner at the NNCC.  On the plane ride back (with layovers) I'm reading through his book, The Forgotten Ways.  If you blog, I'm sure you have seen a lot of conversation about it.  I recommend you pick up a copy of the book, it is a very important voice in the conversation of the Western church.

Scot McKnight comments (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)or Jordan Cooper review here. (HT: Reformissionary ) Others sources: TallSkinnyKiwi & the Official Forgotten Ways site.

The Arminianism Acts 29 Equivalent

During the National New Church Conference, I was able to be part of a 'bloggers round table' with Shawn Lovejoy, Ben Arment, Tadd Grandstaff and Mark Batterson.  It was clear when we met for the first time, that we didn't know much of each other (Derek Brown was the one guy I knew), but at the round table, these bloggers were the influencers that many people read.  I had the chance to connect and after the session speak more with Ben Arment.  One comment that I enjoyed from him, when he was explaining more about who they were was:

We are the Arminianism Acts 29 equivalent.  Where you are reformed, we believe in evangelism by any means necessary.  We will try whatever works.

Ben is serious about reaching all people with the message of Jesus Christ.  It's good to see a Kingdom that includes people with various passions, convictions and talents seeking to spread this message.  

NNCC Reflections

This week has been a whirlwind tour at the National New Church Conference.  I've had a great time seeing friends, sharing meals and listening to others I respect and learn from.  I could list a lot of others who I enjoyed seeing & hearing from, such as Ed Stetzer, Darrin Patrick, both of whom took people to the cross and made much of Jesus Christ.  I'll have to digest a bit and post later on many of these thoughts. 

Tonight, speakers & leaders were treated to a dinner and a session with Alan Hirsch who presented his ideas on the future of the church in a western context.  I'm going to have to digest that for a while too.  Dustin & I also had the chance to drive around town with Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) and I enjoyed those conversations a great deal.  It's remarkable to meet bloggers after you've 'known' about them for years.  All in all, a few days that were well worth the trip to Orlando.

Church Cloud

 We've learned a lot about using technology to connect people to the local church.  With that said, we've launched Church Cloud.  Church Cloud is a FREE web-based tool for churches who want to do ministry online. Churches are able to upload mp3’s, post events, stream audio, podcast, and gather additional visitors using our online network and directory listings.  (If you signed-up for Sermon Cloud, you already are part of this but make sure your information is current.)  

We will be launching many more of these sites as part of The Cloud Network.  Our goal is to influence or connect 1,000,000 people a year to local churches using the internet. 

Get the Word Out! What every church planter needs to know about communication

get-the-word-out.gif Brad Abare and I did the session today at the National New Church Convention.  I've uploaded Get the Word out!  What every church planter needs to know about communication (pdf).  Brad covered a lot of principles of communication (influenced by Tipping Point – Gladwell, Purple Cow – Godin, Mind Your X's and Y's – Lisa Johnson).  I brought some of the practical perspective from church planting and other peoples church planting experience.  We also used websites as an example of how some of these principles play out. The downside of the session was it's not recorded and this pdf is missing (1) videos used, (2) a lot of the context and (3) stories from church planters to connect this.  So it may come across more pragmatic then the intended.  But alas,enjoy.

Another Stat: Pew Internet just relased that 36% of online American adults consult Wikipedia.

2007 National New Church Conference

Who is going?  Post a comment and we can do a meet-up.  Or stop by one of the sessions I'm involved in:

Get the Word Out! What every church planter needs to know about communication – Tuesday afternoon – Breakout Session 1 – from 3 to 4pm. Session will be co-led with The Center for Church Communication and Church Marketing Sucks founder Brad Abare.

Bloggers Roundtable – Wednesday from Noon to 1pm with Mark Batterson, Ben Arment, Tadd Grandstaff, Gary Lamb, Derek Brown, and others.

How to build a website for a church or ministry – Wednesday – Breakout session 5 – from 215 to 315pm.

Using the Internet to Gather, Connect and as a place of Mission – Thursday morning – Breakout session 6 – from 845 to 945am.

See you next week! 

Acts 29 Regional Church Conference Audio Sessions

The audio for the sessions for the Acts 29 Regional Church Conference are up.  The sessions include: 

For the Sake of the World: A Missional Ecclesiology (Newbigin’s Missional Logic)

Speaker: Michael W. Goheen

The people of God have always been chosen for the sake of the world. When they forget that they forget their God-given missional identity. This will be explored both narratively and systematically. Narratively, we will look at the role of God’s people in the Bible. Systematically, we will ask what a missional ecclesiology looks like.

Audio: For the Sake of the World: A Missional Ecclesiology

Gospel, Story, Worldview, and the Church’s Mission

Speaker: Michael W. Goheen

This session will explore the relationship between the four terms in this title–gospel, story, worldview, and the church’s mission. What will be examined is the following: The gospel is the climax and lens of the biblical story which claims to be the true story of the world. The church’s place in that story is bearing witness in life, word, and deed to the end of the story. Worldview has helped to recover the comprehensive scope of the gospel to equip the church for its all-embracing mission in the world.

Audio: Gospel, Story, Worldview, and the Church’s Mission

Preparing & Preaching a Gospel Centered Message

Speaker: Richard Kaufmann

How do you prepare and deliver a gospel-centered message? Dr. Kaufmann shares from his years of preaching, his time with Dr. Tim Keller and experience leading a church planting movement 4 pieces of wisdom to help ensure your sermons are well prepared and geared at heart-transformation.

Audio: Preparing & Preaching a Gospel Centered Message

Acts 29 Values & Mission

Speaker: David Fairchild

A session for churches, church planters and others who are interested in learning more about Acts 29 as a movement. Are you seeking to plant a church or to help plant other churches? Come learn about Acts 29’s values and mission.

Audio: Acts 29 Values & Mission

Ministry Websites

One of the cool things working at Monk Development is we are able to do most of our work with churches and ministries.  I've posted a number of the churches we've done using Ekklesia 360 Church CMS, but here are a few ministries we are working with:

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Screenshot AllianceThe Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals  is an organization of individuals that believes Evangelicals have largely forgotten the foundations of the Christian Gospel and is dedicated to calling on the Protestant churches, especially those that call themselves Reformed, to return to the principles of the Protestant Reformation. To that end, they produce print and internet resources, broadcast radio programs (The Bible Study Hour, Every Last Word, and Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible) and hold conferences (Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, Princeton regional Conference on Reformed Theology, Reformation Societies) aimed at educating different segments of the Christian population.  The Alliance consists of a who's who of pastors/theologians such as Dr. R. C. SPROUL, Dr. ALBERT MOHLER, Mr. C.J. MAHANEY, Dr. JOHN MACARTHUR, Dr. MARK DEVER, Mr. JERRY BRIDGES and many others.

The Alliance was formed in 1994, out of what was known as Evangelical Ministries, when the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice, then senior pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and teacher on "The Bible Study Hour" radio program, called together a group of like-minded pastor-theologians from a variety of denominations to unite in a common cause to help revive a passion "for the truth of the Gospel" within the church.

Design Partner: Designwise

Services: Content Management System, Application Development, E-Commerce.  The Alliance  brought Monk Development in to build an e-commerce resource site ( to host 60 years of reformed resources, including conferences, videos, digital downloads, books and others. 

Launch: 2nd Quarter 2007 

Enjoying God Ministries

Screenshot Enjoying God Ministries

Enjoying God Ministries (EGM) exists "to proclaim the power of truth and the truth about power." This isn't just a catchy phrase. It reflects both what is lacking in the church today and what is burning in Sam Storm's heart.

EGM exists to serve the body of Christ. Their aim is to be a resource not only for pastors and leaders but for all Christians who long to dig more deeply into the Word of God and to experience the fullness of the Spirit's power. Enjoying God Ministries is a non-profit ministry organization of Dr. Sam Storms who brings over 30 years of ministry to believers seeking a deeper and more passionate relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Design Partner: DesignWise Studios

Services: Content Management System, User Interface, Content, Ecommerce, Application Development

Launch:  Enjoying God Ministries

CFCC Job Boards

Screenshot CFCC Job BoardCenter for Church Communication is the parent company for Church Marketing Sucks.

Churches have the greatest story ever told, but no one's listening. We think there's a communication problem. That remarkable story is lost thanks in part to poor research, little or no planning, bad clip art, cheesy photos and ignorable ads.  We believe there's a better way. It's not simply flashy designs or catchy slogans, but effective and authentic communication. If we can't communicate, how can we fulfill the great commission? We want the Church to matter. We want your church to matter.

We help the church by offering information, resources, advice and starting the conversation about church communication. We are a non-profit organized by communications professionals who have been serving the church and mainstream clients since 1998.

Services: Content Management System, Application Development, E-Commerce.  Monk built a job board to allow users to post freelance gigs and full-time positions in the church communication space.

Launch: 2nd Quarter 2007 

Pastors Edge

Pastors EdgePastors Edge is the web ministry of Dr. James Merritt, a pastor and two time president elect of the Southern Baptist Denomination. Pastors Edge was birthed out of Dr. Merritt's desire to help pastors across the country preach God's Word with power. His passion is to offer the best resources available for the price in order to help congregations across the country flourish.

Design Partner: Designwise

Services: Content Management System, Application Development, E-Commerce

Launch: Pastors Edge 

Worse than Internet Porn?

Quote from Michael Goheen @ our Acts 29 Regional Event:

The danger of the internet isn't necessarily the porn, but the continued wasting of time to find the next great thing.


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