The Arminianism Acts 29 Equivalent

During the National New Church Conference, I was able to be part of a 'bloggers round table' with Shawn Lovejoy, Ben Arment, Tadd Grandstaff and Mark Batterson.  It was clear when we met for the first time, that we didn't know much of each other (Derek Brown was the one guy I knew), but at the round table, these bloggers were the influencers that many people read.  I had the chance to connect and after the session speak more with Ben Arment.  One comment that I enjoyed from him, when he was explaining more about who they were was:

We are the Arminianism Acts 29 equivalent.  Where you are reformed, we believe in evangelism by any means necessary.  We will try whatever works.

Ben is serious about reaching all people with the message of Jesus Christ.  It's good to see a Kingdom that includes people with various passions, convictions and talents seeking to spread this message.