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Month: May 2005


San Diego Churches“Traditional churches are in a panic. A lot of pastors are tired. They have lost their love for people, for the lost, and the ability to innovate. These pastors hope they can survive for ten more years because they have no other vocation. These pastors feel threatened. They think they will be replaced by younger pastors,” said Pastor Bill Impey. Impey said he knows pastors who have been replaced. In one case, “The pastor’s congregation forced him out. The congregation wanted to go in a different direction than the pastor.”

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The Sin City Ooze debates heats up

Check out the Sin City conversation at the Ooze.

Here is one person’s reason we should watch movies like Sin City:

The issue is that sticking your nose up at the movie, condemining it, and declaring your insulation within a smug Christian subculture, perhaps you should use it as a tool to understand what the lost (I hate that term) around you are talking about and misconceptions about life and spirituality that they have. Use it as a talking point to move someone toward the Kingdom of God.

A poster poses this question: Where do (we) draw the line between spiritual protection and interacting in this fallen world?

Kaleo Church Baptism & BBQ

San Diego Church BaptismCheck out some pictures from our baptism and bbq last Sunday. A great day for us. Gallery >

Calvary Chapel, Point Loma

San Diego ChurchesPastor Mitchum’s sermon began with a 15-minute story about wild pigs and a family trip to San Luis Obispo. On this trip, Mitchum and his daughter prayed that God would send a big wild pig. “I knew if this prayer isn’t answered it will take a big dent out of [my daughter’s] faith,” said Mitchum to the 35 people who attended the morning service. After the prayer, a 400-pound pig emerged from behind a car. Mitchum said his daughter smiled, looked over to him, and said, “Daddy, prayer works.” Prior to the sermon, communion was served in thimble-sized cups and as fragments of cracker. “The Lord can relate to our weaknesses and took our weaknesses to the cross,” a man said as people partook of communion. Pastor Mitchum preached from the 27th chapter of Acts. In Mitchum’s sermon he read a passage from the Bible and then reworded the text as the sermon’s message. “It is the same fire that melts the wax that also hardens the clay,” Mitchum said of responses people have to the message of Jesus Christ.

Full Article: Calvary Chapel Point Loma

Google Accelerator

I downloaded and installed the Google Accelerator. So far in 1 hour of browsing I’ve saved 9.4 seconds. I’m taking my life back with this time. I will now use this 9 seconds to relax……….I feel better. Of course you’ve now caught up with the time I was ahead so back to work!

My Own Sin City (responses)

My article was published on The Ooze and Next-Wave with discussions. I was curious how people would react to me saying it was sin to watch this, and now I know:

Ooze discussion
Next-Wave Discussion

Midtown Church (United Church of Religious)

San Diego Churches“In a traditional church, God is over here,” said Paula Brandes as she reached her hand away from her body. “In Religious Science, God is within us. We don’t have to reach out to find God. We see God as our equal.” Brandes serves as the teacher for the children’s group at Midtown Church. “Christians want to be your parent, laying down the law for you. Christians, and most religions, have all sorts of rules. Christians have a need for this. They need and want this structure.” Brandes compared Christians to children who thrive in a disciplined environment. “For me, I don’t want a structure. I don’t want to pray to God, I want to pray with God. I am equal with God. I know this seems so New Age, and yet it is inherent in who we are as people. If people were given their own free choice, I think they’d want this. I just can’t see God as a god who wants to be the boss as [these other religions do].

Full Article: Midtown Church (United Church of Religious)

Monk Development v 2.0

Last time I had to throw something up in one night so I re-did my Monk Development site. Monk Development delivers web-based strategies for clients who want to expand in the internet arena. (Web development, Search Engine Marketing, Viral Marketing, Search Engine Optimization.)

North Park Apostolic Church

San Diego Churches“The Apostolic Church is probably the only truly orthodox church. We teach the apostles doctrine from the original 12 apostles. We do not follow post-apostolic teachings,” said Bishop Joel David Trout. “For example, we are not a classic Trinitarian church, where there are three separate and co-equal, co-eternal persons. We believe there is only one God. He was manifest in the flesh as Jesus. We reject the idea that God the Father was revealed in Jesus. We reject people inserting language besides how God describes God. People don’t understand the trinity. It is extra-biblical.” Bishop Trout went on to tell me that “Catholics and Eastern Orthodox are an amalgamation of paganism with Christianity that was not part of the first-century church. If they want to continue the traditions of Peter, then do so. They have extra-biblical teachings.”

Full Article: North Park Apostolic Church

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