Midtown Church (United Church of Religious)

San Diego Churches“In a traditional church, God is over here,” said Paula Brandes as she reached her hand away from her body. “In Religious Science, God is within us. We don’t have to reach out to find God. We see God as our equal.” Brandes serves as the teacher for the children’s group at Midtown Church. “Christians want to be your parent, laying down the law for you. Christians, and most religions, have all sorts of rules. Christians have a need for this. They need and want this structure.” Brandes compared Christians to children who thrive in a disciplined environment. “For me, I don’t want a structure. I don’t want to pray to God, I want to pray with God. I am equal with God. I know this seems so New Age, and yet it is inherent in who we are as people. If people were given their own free choice, I think they’d want this. I just can’t see God as a god who wants to be the boss as [these other religions do].
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