North Park Apostolic Church

San Diego Churches“The Apostolic Church is probably the only truly orthodox church. We teach the apostles doctrine from the original 12 apostles. We do not follow post-apostolic teachings,” said Bishop Joel David Trout. “For example, we are not a classic Trinitarian church, where there are three separate and co-equal, co-eternal persons. We believe there is only one God. He was manifest in the flesh as Jesus. We reject the idea that God the Father was revealed in Jesus. We reject people inserting language besides how God describes God. People don’t understand the trinity. It is extra-biblical.” Bishop Trout went on to tell me that “Catholics and Eastern Orthodox are an amalgamation of paganism with Christianity that was not part of the first-century church. If they want to continue the traditions of Peter, then do so. They have extra-biblical teachings.”
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