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Month: May 2008

Total Church Conference Registration Open

I'd encourage all church planters to attend one of the most important church planting conferences to come. This one is a must attend for church planters who are thinking about planting missional churches to reach our culture. The Total Church North America Conference 2008


  1. Registering prior to July 12th and receive a discounted rate.
  2. Immersion program.  Lodging for out-of-town registrants will be provided by members of Kaleo Church on a first-come first-served basis as long as we have lodging available.  Space is limited.  This will save on hotel costs for the conference and give visitors an opportunity to see the life of the community at Kaleo.

Be the Church

Total church is a way of thinking about church and mission in the 21st century which sees the local Christian community as integral to Christian living and Christian mission. The Christian life is 'total church' – our identity is communal.

Why Attend?

– Create a community centered on the gospel, equipped to do the work of the ministry.
– Make your community a community of church planters.
– See what it means to be the church on mission through ordinary life with gospel intentionality.
– Dialog with missional church leaders from across the world.
– Learn from seasoned practitioners how to form missional communities and transition traditional churches toward mission.
– Did we mention its in San Diego?

Dates: August 12-14, 2008

Location: San Diego, CA

Main Sesssion Speakers: Steve Timmis and Tim Chester are the authors of Total Church: A Radical Reshaping Around Gospel and Community (Crossway). They lead The Crowded House, a family of church planting networks that started in Sheffield, England. They have also started The Porterbrook Network to train people for mission and church planting in the context of ministry.

Break-out Sessions will be led by church planters/practitioners from The Crowded House, Kaleo Church, Soma Community & Providence Community.  Break-out sessions will be added but will include:

  • Beyond Total Church – Sowing the Seeds of a Movement
  • Moving from Traditional to Missional – “What do I do next?”
  • Engaging the Domains of Society – From Business to Media and Beyond
  • Communicating in a Post-Christian Culture
  • Evangelising the Urban Poor
  • New ways of funding a plant & planter in a missional movement.

Stay-tuned as more break-out sessions are added.  There will be several tracks for people being introduced to a missional mindset all the way to those who have formed missional communities to learn from others around the world leading missional movements.


The first Total Church was held in Sheffield, UK, in 2007 at the end of October, hosted by the Crowded House. The conference is named for the book, Total Church -A Radical Reshaping Around Gospel and Community which will be released in the Fall in the US.

Learn more: Total Church North America Conference 2008

Check out the conversation at Jeremy Pryor's blog regarding how to form Missional Communities and the potential challenges: Five Questions for my “Missional Community” Friends

Dwell Conference | London

dwell.gif If you have a chance I'd encourage you to attend the Dwell Conference in London.  Many of you already know Mark Driscoll & Scott Thomas, but maybe some of you haven't been exposed to Steve Timmis.  I've had the opportunity to visit Steve in England and I strongly encourage you to learn from him.  At the Total Church conference in England, his sessions were provocative, a bit edgy (in a good way) and caused many of us to go home re-thinking what we are doing.  Keller fans- Redeemer is bringing Steve & Tim Chester to NY in '09 to train all their leaders on being the church formed around the gospel, on mission in community. 

For those of you in the US, Steve and Tim will be joining Soma Community, Providence Community & Kaleo Church at the Total Church North American ConferenceSpace is limited!

Shapevine Interview : Goodmanson & Fairchild

shapevine.gif On June 24th at 4pm EST (1pm PST for locals) join David Fairchild as we are interviewed on Shapevine.   From Shapevine, they requested to "dialog about your leadership models (Priest, king, prophet, etc.) I think you are helping form a new language, and practical way of doing MC's that many people have struggled to find in their practices."  So the topics include:

  • Triperspectivalism (Prophet/Priest/King) and how this shapes a local churchs ministry philosophy.
  • Our transition from a more traditional church to missional movement.
  • Practical Missional Community structure and decentralizing.

If you have questions you'd like us to discuss, post them here.

Jeff Vanderstelt starts Missional Musings blog

jeff.jpgIf you've been following my blog for any time, you'll know how blessed I've been by Soma Communities.  Jeff Vanderstelt who I recently posted a number of missional resources from has begun to blog.   Add his feed to your list!  Jeff is a church planter and equipper of church planters. He loves to see the mission of the gospel bring about transformation of neighborhoods, cities and regions.  Jeff is one of the Elders in Soma Communities. Jeff also serves on the Board of Acts 29, a church planting network.

According to Jeff "I will begin to put my training material and issues that I am working through in church planting up."  Expect a lot of great missional thinking….now we'll just need to wait for Caesar's.

Jeff Vanderstelt's Missional Musing Blog 

Return from Seattle & Tacoma

I returned yesterday from the Seattle/Tacoma trip.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Mars Hill Reunion 

I spent Saturday night with Jamie Munson an elder and Lead Pastor (Mark Driscoll is preaching pastor) at Mars Hill in Seattle.  Mars Hill has gone through a bit of transition and Jamie and I spoke about that.  We also spoke about how to create systems that reflect an organizations vision/values.  home1.gifThrough many seasons, Jamie has much to offer in this area of thought.  Lastly, he showed me a demo of their site, "The City" which was exciting and good timing since we launched a similar set of features with Ekklesia for churches and their members.

Soma School

Finished a week at Soma School.  Capped the week with lunch with Caesar Kalinowski and Jeff Vanderstelt. I continue to grow in my appreciation for the friendship and shared vision between Kaleo & Soma.  On Sunday I was able to spend the day with a family from Soma Community, Mark Tilden who took us (Bryce & Chad from Sojourn in Louisville pictured below, their wives inside in the warmth) on his yacht to Vashon Island.  Mark has built and sold internet companies, his latest venture is so he and I spoke about entrepreneurial things together.


Heather & Family

My parents flew up from Sacramento and we all spent Friday/Saturday together at my brothers.  My wife, Heather and I took a walk around around the last place we lived in Seattle, Greenlake.  As you can see we weren't quite ready for the 'summer days' of Seattle, having been spoiled by San Diego's weather.  In all of our years in returned visits (we moved in 2001) we always run into people we know here, and this trip was no exception.  


All-in-all a very profitable trip connecting and learning from others.  I look forward to my next conference in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Life in Tacoma

Walking the streets of Tacoma, WA and ran into this nice little work of art:


Vintage 21 & Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

David Fairchild & I are heading to Raleigh, NC.  It will be a couple day whirlwind trip to visit both Vintage 21 and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS).


  • 9:00-11:00am SEBTS Q&A on Church Planting
  • Rest of Day Acts 29 Regional Conference @ Vintage 21


If you are in that neck of the woods, drop on by one of these. 

UPDATE: Conference details are now posted at Acts 29. 

Soma School

Soma SchoolI've been enjoying a week hanging with my brothers in Tacoma @ Soma School:

Soma Communities hosts 7 day intensive studies where participants work and pray with the community, study the biblical and theological foundations of Soma Communities, and reflect on the incarnational responses to the particular needs of its community, location and make-up.

This experience is for those individuals that desire a deep understanding of the Identity and Rhythms in which Soma Communities live. This intensive begins on a Tuesday and runs for 7 days. During this time you will live within our community, staying with members of our family, living out the rhythms of those you stay with. You will spend time in both urban and suburban settings.

It covers:

  • Story of God Experience
  • What is the Church? Identity & Rhythms
  • Dialogical Teaching Class
  • Building a Missional Community

Enjoyed a time with planters/missional thinkers from across the world.  About 1/2 in attendance are from Europe.  You can download some of the audio & notes from a past Soma School from January 2008.

Interview @ Godbit

Nathan Smith, founder of Godbit posted an interview with me.  About Godbit's mission:

The purpose of this site is to help the Church catch up with the rest of the world in adherence to Web Standards given by the World Wide Web Consortium, the governing body of best-practices on the Internet. The majority of Christian web design agencies are using outmoded methods of coding to create websites that the rest of the world would scoff at. Basically, they are stuck in the 1990’s.

Thanks to the Godbit community for their faithfulness to inspire the church and it's use of technology.  The interview discusses my role at Monk Development and Kaleo. Read the interview here.

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