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Month: August 2004

New Pictures

A trip to the beach, Heather golfs with friends and a home group meeting at our house. Image Gallery >

Sermon: Gospel Community

In Acts, when the first Church was built, it was a perverse pre-Christian generation. What we see in this church is valuable to us today because Scripture tells us about how we should be a community within a corrupt culture. As our culture suffers and worsens our goal as a church is not to save culture; but to save the lost. We need to understand how we can reflect the Gospel to the corrupt world around us. It is within this corruptness that Kaleo has an opportunity to show what a difference it means to be a community in Christ. Full Sermon >

Mother & Breast Cancer

Mom & Kevin - Shaved HeadsOur family found out several months ago that my mom has breast cancer. Since this time, she has had a mastectomy and is undergoing chemo. Her spirits are high, she is doing well with her chemo. Thanks for your continual prayers. Here is a picture of my mom and my brother-in-law who shaved his head in her honor.

Finding God in Abstract, Absurd and Postmodern Art

The other day I entered into a lively discussion that brought to light a line many of us have probably not established. It began by discussing bands that sing screamo to the point where their words and lyrics are unintelligent.(Screamo is a sub-genre of emo best characterized by the intense use of screaming. While all emo bands must scream at least once to be officially “emo”, screamo bands must be screaming the majority of the time. For good examples, search for The Assistant, A Days Refrain, Orchid, or Fall on Deaf Years.) The discussion centered on whether this is really ‚Äòart’. It was through this conversation discussing the absurd creations of artists (blank walls, soup cans, unintelligible yelling) that we began to dialogue about ‚Äòwhat is art’. Full Article >

The role of the Christian artist in the secular world

With increasing numbers bands that are Christian are being received by the secular world. It wasn't long ago when people mentioned Christian music that it caused a shudder because it was an embarrassing state of affairs. Read the full article: Article Published at Next-Wave (images broke) see it at Kaleo Church The role of the Christian artist in the secular world

Often people come to church on Sunday’s and they are looking for answers. During each week new challenges come up that we must face. Our lives are marked by highs and lows. How can we take Scripture and apply it into our lives? Today, we will read the beginning of the 4th chapter, where Paul tells the Philippians very practical things in response to who God is and what He has done. Full Sermon >

Tension in the Emerging Church

A lot of ink has spilled discussing the shape of the emerging North American church. We hear voices within the church speak of a need to re-tool the ‘modern church’ to create a spiritual experience that reflects the current cultural context. It is clear that this creation requires changing the way we do church. The challenge that we must grapple with in the midst of this transition is discerning what the church should be willing to change. Today there is a tension in the emerging church between our biblical calling and the desire to be culturally relevant. Read the full article: Article Published at The Ooze

Sermon: Nouthetic Community

How are we as believers supposed to react to pop psychology and secular counseling? What does God’s Word say about these things and depression, self-esteem and more. Full Sermon >

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