Finding God in Abstract, Absurd and Postmodern Art

The other day I entered into a lively discussion that brought to light a line many of us have probably not established. It began by discussing bands that sing screamo to the point where their words and lyrics are unintelligent.(Screamo is a sub-genre of emo best characterized by the intense use of screaming. While all emo bands must scream at least once to be officially “emo”, screamo bands must be screaming the majority of the time. For good examples, search for The Assistant, A Days Refrain, Orchid, or Fall on Deaf Years.) The discussion centered on whether this is really ‚Äòart’. It was through this conversation discussing the absurd creations of artists (blank walls, soup cans, unintelligible yelling) that we began to dialogue about ‚Äòwhat is art’. Full Article >