Platform Strategy

Grow your business, experience liquidity & build wealth.
What is a Platform Company?
Our Platform Strategy 5x a company's value in 2 years

A platform company serves as the foundation of a consolidation of multiple companies acquired often from the same industry. The platform company accelerates its growth through the acquisition of new customers, offerings and channels and scales through the integration of new systems, resources, and processes.

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Accelerate your Vision & Transform Your Industry

Build a plan to scale your company faster, fund growth, acquire your competitors and other companies in your space and transform the industry you serve.

Build Game-Changing Value & Wealth

Our proven process delivers incredible results, typically 4-6x the current companies value.  And this is only the first step, often this value increases 3x or more thereafter.

Liquidity Events allow you to take chips off the table

Bring in capital to fund the platform strategy and through this process create multiple liquidity events for you and your partners to continue to both grow the value and take chips off the table.

Entrepreneurs create so much value but often don't get as much as they should when they sell.
Our Approach

We partner with entrepreneurs and bring our platform strategy playbooks that have been proven through repeatable success.

Our Mission

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs win big, accelerate their vision and experience the fruit of all their hard work.

Platform Strategy Process
Identify Valuation Drivers

Identify the key valuation strategy & levers for the company based on what the market would deem most valuable.

Create Platform Strategy

Build the Investment Thesis, Post-Acquisition Economics, M&A strategy to achieve the highest valuation for the company.

Engineer Company Value

Execute on the strategy with the company’s leadership and implement valuation levers for maximum value creation.


Growth Curve

We move companies into significantly higher level of organic growth.


Scalabile Framework

We help implement the process, people and systems to handle rapid growth.


Valuation Multipliers

We identify economic opportunities that increase multiples 1-3x.


Leverageable Organization

We reverse engineering post-acquisition economics to increase valuation.

We have the playbooks and tools to help your company be the platform and consolidate your market.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
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