Memphis Web & Social Media Training

Join us for a Web & Social Media Training Experience hosted by City Leadership.
Description: We all rely so heavily on communications and they are so valuable to us, especially since blogging, twitter, facebook, and more are basically free. But maximizing these tools for our organizations is tricky. Most of us have staff members that oversee this aspect of our ministry, but other than trial & error, training is basically non-existent. In response to this need, City Leadership is organizing a training day for Memphis Churches and Non-Profits.
Justin Wise and Drew Goodmanson will go through a one day training that will include:
Media on Purpose: Creating Content to Drive Your Strategy. Most social media efforts, by organizations or individuals, fail for a lack of fresh content. Organizations will charge head-long into social media without a content strategy and then wonder why their efforts are going unnoticed. Don’t let your social networks turn into ghost towns! Learn how to build a basic content calendar that will keep your social networks fueled and running. Give people reasons to come back by creating great content!
The Number One Way to Build Your Online Community. Did you know that virtually every single person that’s a part of your online community has something in common? Here it is: They like information that’s relevant to their own lives. In other words, they’re not participating in your community to hear about your organization. In fact, they’d prefer it if you didn’t talk about yourselves all the time. They want to hear about events, read links, and participate in discussion that’s centered around them, not you. Learn the secret of building a vibrant and growing online community that will always keep people coming back for more.
Other topics may include:
+ Social Media Essentials
+ One Hour Social Media Strategy
+ Determining ROI in Social Media
+ Develop a Powerful Church / Nonprofit Web Strategy
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