The Cultural Invasion of the Mormons

The Killers- Hot FussI never know what to believe when I read posts, articles and other content online. But lately I’ve been quietly enjoying The Killers album, Hot Fuss. I was reading a blog, when I found:

The Killers- Hot Fuss
What’s with all the Mormons pretending they’re badass? You act all swaggerly and pompous on stage, but we all know that you still aren’t allowed to drink soda and have to call your Dad Sir when you have to miss shows to go home for family event night. I don’t know, I just never really like this band when they were called Duran Duran, and their song “Mr. Brightside” actually induced me to experience a series of panic attacks that continued over a course of several months. True story. Thanks Mormons!

It’s always interesting to learn what singers/songwriters worldviews are…full comments at this blog.
Napoleon Dynamite
Second, Napoleon Dynamite swept through my little neck of the woods. That’s what I’m talking about. As I looked to verify The Killers comments, I ran into this blog:

But I guess the fact that (Napoleon Dynamite) was almost entirely cast and crewed by Mormons gives it just that special touch to make Napoleon and his Mexican friend Pedro’s miraculous triumph seem feasible (side note: when did being Mormon become so cool?)

The Mormons have embarked on a new kind cultural invasion that doesn’t involve bicycles and suits. (Now you see why Napoleon thought bikes were so cool and the hidden pro-bike propaganda! HA!)
The bottom line is how do you know when this stuff is true? The second question then is, what is truth?