My own 'Sin City'

Sin City‘Sin City’ was how I felt one-quarter of the way through this film. I hadn’t heard much about the film, other than watching a couple trailers. I had hoped it was going to be Kill Bill meets The Punisher (from the comic book, not the bad movie flop.) Instead, I was taken on a ride that easily lived up to the films name.
The movie takes place in a dark, rainy place called Sin City. The film is an adaptation from Frank Millers comic books (graphic novels is what they call them in the credits) and it follows three interconnecting stories. The list of stars is A list material with Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Benicio Del Toro and down from there to Mickey Rourke and others.
Cannibalism, decapitation, molestation, prostitution, murder, abuse, drunkenness, debauchery and just about every other sin you can think of was packed in this 124-minute wicked-fest. Now I understand this is what we should expect from a culture that has flipped God the middle finger, while we live in our sin-drenched lives where people no longer fear God. But even with that understanding, I have to confess there was a time I realized this film had gone too far and I needed to leave the theater. Well, I didn’t and at the end of the film I felt miserable.
Swirling in the graphic blood-soaked scenes was a moral message straight from hell. Good was bad, bad was good, justice was perverse, the Church corrupt (the local Cardinal sanctioned and participated in the kidnapping of prostitutes, next they are decapitated and then finally they eat their flesh), cops were on the bad guys payroll and the good guys were the murderers. This movie has so twisted the designs of God, I could only imagine the liberty it offers viewers who now have a new low of humanity to look at with pride and say, “Well I’m not as bad as…”
The primary motivation to write this review is to recommend that you not see this film. In our desire to be ‘culturally relevant’ often we do this knowing we enter into a world of sinners, but you don’t need to see this film to learn about the wicked world we live in.