Gospel Stories @ Kaleo

We have gone through a crazy season at the Goodmanson home.  In the last two months we have had 2-families, several guests and a homeless man stay with us.  One of the most substantial is Nate, who lived with us for parts of November and then December.  Nate's life has been transformed by the gospel and recently he shared his Gospel testimony during a Sunday service.

nate.jpgNate's Story – I came to San Diego because my life fell apart.  My family who live in Arkansas & Georgia couldn't deal with my illness.  I was serving the military as a scout working with Special Ops on the Iraq/Syrian border when I was injured in a surprise attack.  I was shot and blown up, by an I.E.D. containing a combination of Saran Gas & Agent Orange which gave me both Parkinson & Cancer.  After I got out of the hospital I did odd jobs, in 2002 I became ill enough where my health started to decline.  Since 2003 I haven't been able to work.  My family fell apart, every time I got sick it would affect my moms health, and my daughter and her mother's emotional and mental stability would be rocked.  So I decided to leave.   Read Nate's Story A New Hope

teri-reeves.jpgTeri's Story – Teri is an actress who asks the question, "What roles should a 'Christian' actress accept?"   I am a Christian. I am a wife. I am an actress. I am those things in that order. What would I do then, if I was offered a part in a major movie such as "The Golden Compass"; a movie adapted from a book that has been expressed by its author to be in opposition to Christianity in theme and intent? Read Teri's Story Faith and Fiction: Navigating Which Role is Right?

Cultural Articles:

cloverfield.jpgCloverfield –Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives.

27dresses.jpg27 Dresses –After serving as a bridesmaid 27 times, a young woman (Heigl) wrestles with the idea of standing by her sister's side as her sibling marries the man she's secretly in love with.

Know the Game – A Cultural Introduction wiimote.jpgI was once asked in a class to tell something about myself that no one knew, something innocuous and trivial but definitely personal. We would all write down the statements on small pieces of paper and then shuffle them, hand them out and read aloud.