A Generation's Identity in their Pain

The existential experiment has changed a generation raised by it’s meaninglessness. I find great sorrow that the thinkers and artists who came up this epistimoligical dispair ended up shaping a generation who did not choose the sorrow. But nonetheless, we now have a generation whose identity is found in their pain. These are the singers who brought emo (and screamo), the film makers who created Garden State and a culture of emotional blogging exhibitionist hoping to connect with something. So after we’ve screamed into our infinite abyss at best we have an impasse but most often I see a generation whose identity is this pain.
Just go to live journal and you’ll find a million posts like this:
Admit it. You had fun. You cried, you laughed, you seethed with anger. But now that the nemesis is banned, there will be no more tears or laughs. No more joyous romps in the courtyard.
Without evil there cant be good…so it must be good to be evil sometimes.

i’m just a f*#$ed up girl looking for some peace of mind.
I could quote a million more….