Traits of a Catalytic Church Planter

Check out David Fairchild's 30 Traits of a Catalytic Church Planter. Here are the top 10 he lists (I don't know if he ordered these in any way).

1- Profound love for Christ.
2- Knows much about Christ theologically and experientially.
3- Is greatly motivated by the things Christ is passionate about and is able to articulate Christ’s passion to his people.
4- Understands and can articulate the multi-faceted nature of the gospel. How what Christ did upon a Roman Cross 2,000 years ago changes everything.
5- Is able to apply the gospel in a variety of settings- from preaching in every page of scripture, to counseling the broken and lost.
6- Is driven by an awareness that they are caught up in a greater story. Has an awareness of of their personal identity having significance because it is consumed into God’s greater story.
7- This then would mean that the persons biblical theology is as strong as, if not stronger, than their systematic theology.
8- A passionate preacher who never preaches an unfelt cross.
9- A good communicator to those who are not Christians.
10- An evangelist with a theological sense of urgency in what he does and says. Someone that always is aware that this sermon may be the last one he preaches before he dies, or the last one he preaches before Christ returns.