The Heart of a Servant Leader: Letters from Jack Miller

The Heart of a Servant Leader I’ve been reading a book given to me by Dick Kaufman at Harbor. I’ve really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone in ministry: The Heart of a Servant Leader: Letters from Jack Miller

Though he passed away in 1996, Jack Miller’s influence is still felt through the various ministries he served (the New Life Presbyterian churches, Westminster Theological Seminary, and World Harvest Mission) and the continuing ministry of individuals he personally mentored. This collection of letters, written primarily as counsel to pastors and missionaries, addresses issues basic to the life of every believer: prayer, confession of sin, repentance, and living by faith.

Miller’s advice is frequently challenging, demonstrating a deep understanding of sin’s insidious presence even in the midst of Christian life and service. His calls to labor selflessly for Christ and through Christ are wrapped up with confession of his own struggles with sin. As in his life and ministry, Jack Miller calls us to repent of sin and prayerfully focus upon the glorious good news of a glorious Savior.

Publisher Review: The pastoral letters serve as models of compassionate leadership. Jack Miller taught that a Christian leader should be the chief servant, and that right attitudes come only from a heart changed by an encounter with God. Miller leads his reader into a deeper understanding of the gospel and a life of humility, faith, and prayer.

Miller gently challenges those called to serve as leaders to find their primary motivation in the glory of God alone.

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