The Growth and Influence of Islam

I spoke with an Ethiopian who provided some pretty amazing stories of what is happening as Islam targets the conversion of Ethopia. Ethopia is the United Africa capital and all countries have their ambassadors there. Islam has dedicated considerable resources to convert this nation…more to come.
Read The Growth and Influence of Islam In Ethiopia From 1989 to 2000 (doc).

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  • Marcguyver

    October 21, 2005, 10:11 am

    Ya, last I checked they are still kidnapping, killing, and raping many Christian men, women, and children. I’ve also heard that many of the African countries are still experiencing slavery. (We have three couples in our church that are from Zimbabwe and Nigeria) From what I’ve gathered and read the Muslims are either killing or hauling off any and all peoples who are either Christians or Non-Muslim and then taking them to sell them into Muslim homes or are taking them to other countries or areas to ‘brain-wash’ them into converting to Islam. A place I’ve found to be helpful for information is and they also offer a free newsletter.

    That recent movie: “Hotel Rhwanda” did a great job of exposing the activity going on, but I don’t think it focused enough on the main motivation of “Christian Persecution” as to why these atrocities are occurring.