Sexual Brokenness and the Gospel

If sex is God’s good gift, why are we so embarrassed to talk about it?
In a culture that views people as ultimate, God as irrelevant, and pleasure as the highest good, it’s no wonder that sexuality has become such a dominant force. Sex is a powerful pathway to instant physical pleasure. When the voices of our culture call, our sinful hearts eagerly believe the lie: with sex we can make life work on our own terms without relying on God. We can relate to others selfishly without relying on God’s intended design for us. Sex becomes the god for whom we slavishly risk all. False worship and false intimacy—devilish counterfeits of God’s desire and design— replace the truth that we are God’s creatures designed for his glory.

Tragically, the Church has too often been silent or ambivalent about sex.
We say sex is God’s good gift, but we act as though it were shameful and bad. We are visibly uncomfortable talking about it! When we do discuss it, we often fail to view it as a matter of the heart. And while we search for our voice, every cultural institution—marriage, education, government, commerce, entertainment— trumpets a distorted view of sex.
But what if sexuality were just like every other facet of Christian living—subject to idolatry and sin’s distortions to be sure, but ready to be reclaimed and made new in the light of the Gospel of grace? What if God’s people could replace their embarrassed silence with loving candor and speak well to long-hidden struggles, questions, frustrations and fears? What if God offered real help in understanding, guiding and correcting the sexual side of our lives?
We invite you to risk an evening and a morning to look at sexuality through the eyes of its inventor—the true and living God!
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