Promise and Deliverance

promises-deliverance.jpgAre you interested in a good Redemptive Historical work?  Promises and Deliverance is an English translation of the 19th century work by Reverend S. G. De Graaf in a 4 volume set that outlines and summaries of Bible stories. (You can also pick up the Drama of Scripture.)  Throughout De Graaf's work he focuses on the Kingdom of God being established and working out its means in human history. De Graaf does a great job moving beyond the 'moral lesson' or 'typical point' used in the stories of the Bible to seeing OT stories as foreshadows of Jesus and all part of the redemptive plan of God.  The New Testament work points out the Kingdom of God being established on earth.  For an OT example, volume 1, chapter 3 begins:

I have deliberately entitled this chapter "The Covenant of Grace" instead of "The Fall".  The fall certainly merits our attention, but if we put too much emphasis on it, the revelation of God's grace might become a mere afterthought.  When we read through Genesis 3, we see that the fall is described in just seven verses, while the rest of the chapter is devoted to God's grace.  Even more important for our purposes is the fact that the Scripture is not a book of the acts of men but the book of revelation of God.  Here in Genesis 3, God shows us how He opposed sin and conquered it by His grace when it entered His creation.

Or here, we see a sermon by Michael Horton on the Exodus where he quotes De Graaf's work:

According to S. F. De Graaf: "We should guard against overemphasizing the deliverance of the people from Egypt. This deliverance was only a means of reaching the goal–establishing the covenant. In a spiritual sense, the covenant comes first; the deliverance from Egypt must be seen as following from the covenant. Here too the Word of God holds: 'Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.'" 

Here is another article on preaching by Michael S. Horton (at Modern Reformation) based on De Graaf's work: What Are We Looking for in the Bible?

Volume 1: From Creation to the Conquest of Canaan

Volume 2: The Failure of Israel's Theocracy

Volume 3: Christ's Ministry and Death

Volume 4: Christ and the Nations

They are not always easy to find (we have a great bookstore in San Diego that has them, Evangelical Bookstore ).  I also saw them at Covenant Seminary Online Bookstore and Westminster Bookstore .