Pre-Preaching Conversation with Satan

satan.jpgAt our monthly pastors meeting a story was shared that I thought helpful.  This occurred prior to the pastor going up to preach in their head.

Satan – You know you were sick this week.  You shouldn't set yourself up by expecting too much this week.  Lower your expectations.

Pastor – That is true, I was sick and didn't quite have the time and energy I wanted.

Satan – Also, you weren't quite faithful with your devotions this week.  Do you really think God will bless you?

Pastor – That is true too.  My devotions seemed to lack connection with God.  How can He bless me EXCEPT while all that you say is true, you are leaving out one part of this, the GOSPEL.  Through Jesus, God is strong in my weakness, I will trust in that rather than focus on my illness.   Secondly, I don't earn approval through working for a righteousness on my own.   Through Christ I am already approved, loved and accepted by God. 

Preachers, don't believe the partial truths of the great deceiver.