Not How or Why but WHAT type of church should you plant

As I posted earlier, the influence of Keller/Harbor/Frame and tri-perspectivalism is far reaching. It should be the very worldview that we filter everything through, we looked at its influence in church leadership development and preaching. Now, here is a take on how it influences WHAT type of churches you should plant.

First the NORMATIVE is that the church must view the whole Bible as the gospel. This means it is the gospel that is not just the entry into the Kingdom, but is the very way a Christian will grow in grace. Second, the SITUATIONAL impact is the gospel calls us to mission. We must plant churches that are on mission. We are a church 'for' the city/culture/people where God places us. We must learn the context, speak the stories, understand the myths, heroes and struggles around us. Mostly we must not be of, against or above but for the culture we live in. Lastly, our EXISTENTIAL stance is one of constant grace renewal through faith in Jesus Christ. We are motivated by grace (not guilt) and understand all challenges, problems and answers need the Gospel. I have 50 pages of notes from lectures Harbor (Doug Swagerty) and John Frame gave that go over these in much more depth. They go into the theology of ministry, including leadership development, preaching/teaching, administrating, counseling all through this framework….I'll ask Doug if it's ok if I post more about this stuff….