Hollywood: Turning the Christian Faith into a Marketing Gimmick

sylvester-stallone-rocky-photograph-c12142815.jpegI'm sure many of you have received the email:

Sylvester Stallone (as in, "Rocky") cordially invites you, as a leader in the faith and family community, to JOIN HIM ON THE PHONE LIVE…Sly would like to take some time to talk to you about the faith and values that run through the Rocky films, and share with you about his upcoming movie, Rocky Balboa, the final chapter in the Rocky story (yes, Stallone himself gets back in the ring!).

In interviews with various faith-based publications, Sly recently shared some of his thoughts about the Rocky character and faith:

"In Rocky, if he's just a fighter, then it's just a boxing story, and I told the producers in the beginning, 'It's not a boxing story; it's a spiritual journey. It really is about a man that has been chosen to accomplish a role, to be an example for other people.' "
Interview with New Man Magazine

Now I don't know Sly personally, but I have never seen his career marked by his Christian faith.  Has he publicly stated he's a Christian?  Is he really convinced that this film is a one that represents the Christian faith or anybody's faith?  Just because his character goes on a 'spiritual journey' does that mean wherever he ends up we should applaud the search?

Secondly, if the movie really is about the Christian faith, it is damning.  The Christian story isn't one where we see 'a man' come and live as an example for other people.   If Jesus only came to 'live as an example' we'd all be in a desperate position.  Jesus was more than an example, he was a savior who reconciled a people to God.  This type of thinking is the same perversion that portrays David as a boy who conquered Goliath and presents to Christians, "If you just have enough faith, you too can conquer the Goliath's in your life".  Was this the picture that David gave us?  I don't think so.  In the story of David and Goliath, we really are the Israelites who were unable to face our great enemy, who were afraid and needed a Savior.  David is a picture of Jesus who we all need in order to have victory.  This movie would only present a contradictory message of Christian faith.

Sadly, with the phenomenon of The Passion of Christ, Hollywood has their eyes wide open to exploit the Christian community for the purpose of money.  They are turning the Christian faith into a marketing gimmick.