GCA – Church Planting Conferences

The GCA Church Planting Conference is around the corner: January 28 – February 1 in Orlando, Florida.  This is one of the most gospel-centered & missional church planting conferences I attend each year.  If you have not made your way to one of these, it may be time for you to attend.


Emerging Ministries: Church Planting in the Emerging Culture led by Chan Kilgore and Daniel Montgomery

Evangelism: Making Room: A Trinitarian Reflection on Evangelism and Cultural Engagement with the Gospel led by Martin Ban

Gospel-Centered Preaching: Transformational Communication led by Larry Kirk (Excellent for any of you Keller fans.   Kirk basis his material from this vein.)

Multi-Site Church Planting led by Doug Swagerty and Russ Kapusinski (For those of you are interested in examining a Multi-site approach.)

Developing A Regional Planting Network led by Steve Childers & Tom Wood (For those of you who want to start a movement.)

Plus many others such as Scotty Smith, Randy Nabors and Stu Batstone (get your hands on the Sonship stuff.  All our elders and their wives are going to go through this.)

I will be conducting two sessions again this year:

Communication in Our Post-Christian WorldThis year 30% more Jesus!  A lot more ideas learned from over the year to expand on communicating the timeless message of the gospel in our changing culture. The culture is shifting rapidly, learn about these shifts.  How do we effectively communicate and reach post-Christians, with an emphasis on Gen X & younger…

The Internet & The Sovereignty of God – As our culture moves increasingly online, this session will help your church effectively use the internet to be missionaries to unbelievers, gather the un-churched and connect with your community.

This year my sessions are head-to-head with Ed Stetzer.  I'd like to think it's two heavy-weights pitted against each other in the time slot, but I'm the underdog little guy.  So buy his books, attend my sessions!  Plus, chances are he'll be speaking at the next 10 conferences you attend anyway.

  • Wendy

    December 20, 2007, 10:21 pm

    Hi Drew.

    I will be interested in hearing your session on ‘The Internet & The Sovereignty of God.’ I live in a rural area of Victoria, and attend a Baptist church. We only just started using power point about a year or so ago (but still taping sermons on cassette tape), and just recently someone has started working on a website for the church.

    As the majority of the people in the church are of the older generation, and therefore many of them are not very computer literate. And so the person created the site has decided to make it user-friendly for those particular people. I have no problem with that reasoning; except I am wondering if by catering to the needs to a certain group of people within the church, we are then further isolating certain people outside the church. From what I understand and heard, more people are coming to church via the website. And so my guess would be, if they’re not impress with the website, then they most likely won’t be interested in attending the church. But I’m also guessing that culture plays a part in that too.

    I won’t really know whether our church website is going to be effective or not, until it is up and running online.

  • Nelson Thompson

    December 21, 2007, 4:05 am

    We are an independant Church in Newcastle,
    Evangelical & reformed 160 attendees

    I have may free resources I can post you
    DVD’s of sermons & Mp3 & PDF’s

    Nelson Thompson
    Grace Evangelical Church