Developing Leaders to Lead (part 2)

This is based on the Developing Leaders to lead from Harbor.  How do you develop leaders at your church?  This is a common challenge for churches, who must utilize the volunteer pool to lead important ministries in their church.  Harbor Presbyterian, Kaleo Church and a group of other church planters meet monthly to discuss these types of challenges.  Here are a few thoughts from this meeting:

3 Questions to ask prior to selecting leaders

1. Can they do the job?  Do they have the capability, giftedness, track record, competency, and theological training.  NORMATIVE

2. Will they do the job? Character/Motivation EXISTENTIAL

3. Do they fit?  Compatibility to co-workers, fit in context/culture SITUATIONAL  

Systemic & Personal Leadership Development

How are you developing leaders personally and does your church have a systemic leadership development component built into its design? Your church should be developing leaders through the whole church and ministry process.  Jesus did this both and created twelve disciples who had a group of 120 when the church waited for the Holy Spirit.  There also was a 1 to 10 leader to person ratio.

Moving from Pragmatism to Prayer in Recruiting Leaders

Pray prior to meeting with a potential ministry volunteer who you have identified through some personal connection. Avoid the pragmatism of seeking to just 'delegate a task'.  Tell them based on your knowledge of them why you believe this ministry is a good fit for them, their personal growth and use of gifts.  Ask them to pray if they will respond to this call.  Be motivated to do this because of love for them.