Creating a Philosophy of Ministry

Tim Cain is part of the Kaleo Movement. This last year he and his wife journeyed to Bethlehem Baptist to be the church planting intern at John Piper’s church. While he was there he has had the opportunity to plan a church plant and lay out what that will look like when he returns to San Diego. A lot of this writing includes material from Total Church, our conversations, Tim’s convictions and what Kaleo envisions for new church plants.
Tim’s Philosophy of Ministry document includes items such as:
– Building a ministry that reflects three expressions of being the church.
– Core theological convictions that shape the people.
– The practices and life behaviors of the community.
– Mission, Gospel & Community interactions.
Philosophy of Ministry (pdf)
Aside: If you’d like to connect with Tim drop a comment with your email and I’ll forward it on to him.