Church Reviews

How many of you have relocated to a new area and struggled to find a new church? It can be challenging to find a place to call home because often there is so little online that a church offers to really tell you their missiology, theology, worship and other aspects that are critical to a good church. A group of us are launching a new website called Church Reviews that will allow people to post comments, reviews and other observations about the churches they’ve attended.
My passion is to support local churches that hold to the gospel with a firm hand and live a life of mission with the other hand. I believe it is rare to find a church that is concerned with proper doctrine as well as desires to be the ‘beautiful mess’ of the kingdom of God. Our goal is to use these discussions to help people find God-glorifying churches.
More will come (including asking some of you to be Editors of your local area) but if you have suggestions or comments let me know. We hope to have this project launched in a week or two.