Being the Church in San Diego

Dr. Tim Keller, senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, New York and founder of Redeemer Church Planting Center talks on, “Being the Church in our Culture.” Dr. Keller challenges believers to understand the division in church as it relates to the culture that we are in today. Tim Keller discusses the six facets of how to be a church that reaches the culture. First, more Christians living long-term in cities; second, with a better understanding of the gospel; third, living as dynamic counter-cultures in the city; fourth, integrating their faith and their work; fifth, radically committed to the good of the city as a whole; and sixth, contextualizing the gospel message. His stress lies in the fact that we must do all stated facets of ministry because they are all required by the gospel. They are not optional, and they are inter-dependent. Holistic ministry, in which Christians work sacrificially for the common good, is the necessary context for any convincing evangelistic call to believe in Jesus.
From theResurgence: Timothy Keller’s Being the Church in the City (mp3)