Acts 29 Europe

This year the Acts 29 Network has formed an international board to begin building the Acts 29 Network throughout the world.  Mark Moore (Pastor of Providence Community and who made his first blog comment EVER on this site ) will head up A29 Europe.  Read more about the announcement and how you can support or join the movement of Acts 29 in Europe.  Also, read Acts 29 and the Missional Call to the Whole World by Mike Gunn (Co-founder of Mars Hill and now Pastor of Harambee Church) .

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  • Krister Gunnarsson

    February 12, 2011, 11:48 am

    Hello friends!
    Just to make you aware of that Acts29 is a movement of discipelship schools in different parts of the world since 2004 (Ecuador, Chile, Spain, Kongo Brazzaville, Kongo Kishasa, India and Sweden. Next year there will also be schools in Mexico, and in Russia.
    I tell you this, not in a spirit of competition, but rather to get in touch with you and listen in to what is your vision.
    We work with Swedish Missions Covenant Church, Several “Iglesias del Pacto” covenant churches in English) in Latinamerica, Hindustany Covenant Church in India and our “sister churches” in Africa.
    At this point I am in Spain and we among other things we are planning for our secondschool in Spain.

    With the desire that God will bless your ministry
    Krister Gunnarsson