A Wired San Diego

San Diego InternetOur church has spent time developing a website and placing a lot of content on the site for visitors and regulars. Most of the visitors that come to our church say they first researched our church online. Frequently guests have already listened to mp3 sermons, read teachings/articles and our statement of beliefs, etc. This is how many people find their church in San Diego. Here are some interesting stats I read this weekend in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“America Online this week ranked San Diego County as the No. 3 metropolitan area in the United States for online holiday shopping, behind San Francisco and Los Angeles”.
“In San Diego County, seven out of 10 home Internet users have broadband connections, such as a cable modem or digital subscriber line, making it the top region in the United States for high-speed Internet access.”

Part of our church’s mission is to bring the message of the gospel and communicate it to the community we live in. For many that communication begins through visiting our website.