2007 Church Planting Survivability & Health Study

churchplant.gif Ed Stetzer's full 47-page 2007 Church Planting Survivability & Health Study (pdf) is now available. See previous post for summaries: Church Planting and Survivability, How Many Church Plants Really Survive—and Why?, 10 Factors for Higher Attendance in Church Plants

Including the fourth major portion dealing with baptism. Higher Baptisms in Church Plants

Buildings, baptisms, and budgets—the benchmarks most people use to evaluate church health. But are these the best measures? There are many who question which is most appropriate, but we wanted to see church plants that are reaching the lost through conversions. In most cases for denominations in our study, that was measured in baptisms.

Thanks Ed for the work on this! 

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  • Andrew

    March 12, 2007, 12:58 am

    Yeah, I totally agree with the study’s quote. A church can measure itself against many variables, but one juicy variable will have the most impact (and the others exist to support that variable). It’s like a basketball coach keeping score of her team’s main variable: # of wins; then to achieve those wins, the coach measures the variables that affects those wins (e.g. points-per-game, turnovers, field-goal percentage, etc.)