Website Stolen

Any help you can lend out there but DataFizz is taking credit for this design of Viviana Rodr??guez Amoblamientos SA. It is a direct rip of Denver Seminary built by Monk and designed by Designwise Studios. They’re even using the same css file names (monkcms.css).

  • Josh Christopherson

    February 23, 2009, 12:19 pm

    Nice – if you disable CSS, it shows “Denver Seminary” twice.

  • osoman

    February 23, 2009, 12:44 pm

    The company that stole it is from Chile. Why don’t you contact the guys from and ask them to make it public in their country.

  • Jason Reid

    February 23, 2009, 12:49 pm

    I have friends in the SBS, it would be very quiet…

  • Tim Chester

    February 23, 2009, 3:03 pm

    Why don’t you contact Viviana Rodr??guez Amoblamientos SA and tell them they were ripped off. They’ve shelled out money for website development only for DataFizz to do a quick cut and paste job.

  • D. Goodmanson

    February 23, 2009, 3:50 pm

    Love the crowdsourcing going on here. osoman & Tim we have done your suggestions, we’ll see what happens!

    Jason – not sure on what you are suggesting….will people end up dead?

  • Jason Reid

    February 23, 2009, 11:18 pm

    Not dead, permanently incapacitated that’s all.

  • archshrk

    February 25, 2009, 2:30 pm

    Hasn’t this happened before?

  • john from cincinnati

    February 26, 2009, 5:01 pm

    line 104 in the source still says “Welcome to Denver Seminary”

  • Rob Mitchell

    March 1, 2009, 7:32 pm

    I agree that contacting the client that paid for website design is the way to go – point out to them the original site, show where it still says “Denver Seminary.”

    At this point showing the client that their web design firm not only stole a design, but stole the money they were paid to do the design and let the marketplace take its course is the way to go. I would also suggest seeing if there is anything like the BBB in Argentina – there do not seem to be any links on the website design firm’s page indicating membership in any trade organizations, otherwise that might be an avenue.

    They do have a portfolio listed – if the practice of lifting sites is part of their business model it’s likely that other clients are also lifted – it depends on how much detective work you want to do – if you detect other lifted sites you could possibly inform the lifters.

    Otherwise leave it at reporting to the client who paid for a hot website design.

    It will be interesting to see their response – I hope it’s not, “you’re a norteamericano, you’re fair game.”