Church Marketing & OutreachIn 2005, churches will mail over 50 million direct-mail postcards created by Outreach, Inc., the largest provider of Christian outreach products and services in North America. In addition, churches will hang 200,000 Outreach door hangers on houses, hand out several million bulletins, and display 160,000 banners to promote their church. “2005 was a big year for us because of The Passion of the Christ ,” said Matt Harper, product manager at Outreach. Outreach’s goal is to help churches reach local communities and convert people to Christianity. Last week, several thousand pastors and church leaders attended an Outreach conference in Mission Valley on how to attract non-Christians. The conference offered workshops “led by some of the fastest growing and most innovative ministries and church leaders.” The workshops included, “They Like Jesus — Not the Church,” “How to Attract Visitors Through Direct Mail,” “The Modern Day Orphans: Ministry to Kids in Single-Parent or Blended Families,” “Reaching the Business Leaders in Your Community and Reaching Today’s Urban Youth: They’re Closer than You Think.”
Lynne Marian
Exhibitors promoted additional outreach services, from golf events by In His Grip Golf Association, financial management seminars based on the Bible, to business-leadership seminars with telecast lectures by people like author John Maxwell, supermodel Kathy Ireland, and NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Outreach promoted a comedy event for churches. “A comedian will come and perform 40 minutes of stand-up comedy that is family-friendly,” said Paul Pickard, Outreach events general manager. “The events are effective and are not something that the community expects from a church. It allows people to attend a church that might otherwise not feel comfortable.”
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