Leading Web Development CLA Session

Thank you for those who attended my session at CLA ’09 on Leading Web Development. If you wanted and have not received an email with a pdf, please contact me. A lot of the information was in the session audio, CLA should have this or I’d be happy to connect with someone at your organization to discuss.
Main Highlights:
– The Internet is doubling every two years yet most organizations are not strategically investing to prepare for the rapid shifts of our world embodying the web. We discussed this shift from the current state in Semantic web to OneNet.
– We are just beginning to understand what is working and what isn’t in Social Media. A lot of ministries aren’t quite sure where to best spend their time to be effective. We discussed the need for a radical shift toward Internet Presence Management which includes new tactics of effective social media engagement.
– We discussed how to design Triperspectivally and why this is important to move visitors to engage the behaviors important to your organization.
– We also looked at why your ministry needs a Mullet Strategy and why this is important to move people from business in the front to the party in the back. This cannot be a ‘me-too’ strategy, we’ve seen these fail to date. When done correctly, this strategy will positively impact donations, membership, outreach and other important ministry functions.
– Lastly we examined a few online donation trends and how to prepare for the estimation that the majority of donations will occur online within 10 years.
Call to particpate in our State of Ministry Online Research: We have been working with organizations such as Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Enjoying God Ministries, and Practical Family Living to study effective web strategies. This project is led by Kevin Ring of Unconventional Method. Kevin brings years of experience leading research projects – designing and executing strategic customer/competitive research and analysis across multiple industries, including work with companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Citibank, Hewitt Associates, Gallup, Bank of America and other Fortune 500 companies, ministries and non‐profits. Contact me if you would like to have your ministry participate.