Best Practices for Online Ministry

What are the best tools for ministries to create impact online?
What impact does a ministry web site have on online giving?
How do leading ministries manage their web effort?
What emerging technologies are ministry leaders preparing for?

Through conversations with ministry leaders, it is apparent that there are fundamental differences between how parachurch organizations and local churches do ministry online. As part of Monk Development’s continued commitment to help these organizations to achieve excellence online, we have partnered with the Christian Leadership Alliance to address these differences and identify the significant issues that are impacting ministries.
In preparation for the 2010 Ministry Internet & Technology conference in April, we are leading a survey and analytics study that will identify best practices, trends, and case studies that will bring clarity, guidance, and new opportunities for ministries online.
We invite all ministry leaders and staff to participate in the Excellence in Online Ministry Survey. The survey explores best practices for strategy development, managing web efforts, and maximizing the impact of ministries online.
You are also invited to participate in the Ministry Web Site Effectiveness Study. This study will examine 50-100 ministries’ web site analytics to find performance benchmarks and best practices for effective design and usage of ministry web sites.
Would you like your ministry to participate? We ask that participating ministries to send the Excellence in Online Ministry survey to all staff members who contribute to your web efforts. We also ask that you have Google Analytics set-up on your site for at least 3-months, preferably a year. Participating ministries will receive a free, exclusive report of the findings from this research.
Our hope is that this research will help bring ministries together to learn from each other and increase the effectiveness of our online efforts.
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