Holy Spirit Catholic Church

San Diego Catholic Church“[When I’m taking the Eucharist], I’m consuming Jesus’ body, if you view it with eyes of faith,” said Eileen Carton, a volunteer at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. “How else can you get that close to God? When I take Eucharist, if I lack faith, I am given faith. If I am burdened, Jesus takes my burden.” Carton said she’s been enamored with communion since she was seven years old. “As a Japanese-American, I was raised Buddhist, but when a friend took me to Mass with her family, I saw the holiness and beauty of the Mass. I was taken aback by seeing Jesus at the consecration. When I saw this, Jesus spoke to my heart and told me I was home. I get so excited about this, I just thank the Lord.” “What really makes the Catholic Church different is that we take Jesus seriously when he gave us the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Catholic ChurchWe take the wine and bread and believe they become the literal body and blood of Jesus,” said Dennis Gorsich, a pastoral associate. “We’re actually at that Last Supper during the Eucharist. It’s like being in a time warp. I often feel closer to God because I’ve taken the Eucharist. Jesus is clearing away the things that are not good in me.
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