Burnside Writers Collective

The Burnside project I’m working on got some press in it too:

One of his big plans, in fact, is to make the Rose City the hub of a national network of unconventional Christian writers, which he’s calling the Burnside Writers Collective. There’s Chris Seay, the pastor at ex-witch Kelly Hall’s church in Houston, author of books called The Gospel According to Tony Soprano and The Tao of Enron; McKinley, pastor of Miller’s own congregation, Imago Dei, will publish Jesus in the Margins this fall. Miller is characteristically self-effacing, calling plans to coordinate the promotion of a select bunch of writers through a website “a bait-and-switch operation, a cynical effort to sell more books.”

Miller sent me a bunch of stuff this morning, so we should be wrapping up pretty soon. He also sent me an article from Relevant Magazine, where he mentioned Burnside again:

Miller’s currently planning a creative community called the Burnside Writers Collective, an outlet for a group of writers/thinkers/speakers who are writing similar literature. “I want to create a catch-all for like-minded thinkers,” Miller said. “There are some cool voices out there that I think are entertaining and real and raw and profound, so it will be cool to shine the spotlight on some of these voices.” The initial lineup includes Miller, McKinley, Houston pastor and author Chris Seay and singer/songwriter Derek Webb. “We will make their stuff available online, and then also plan river trips, conferences and this sort of thing people can go to, to spend time with them,” he said.

I’m going to see if I can post the article…it’s for the March/April 2005 issue.