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The Internet as Big Brother: Every Secret of Yours Will be Revealed

I recently discovered people coming to my website through ZoomInfo and got scared.  Here, people can track every little detail about you and your past.  For example, it brought up information from when I was CEO of Pangia and several article where I was quoted or even when I spoke at conference years ago.  Wisely, ZoomInfo separated my 'secular work' both past and present with my 'current role as pastor ' thinking it represents two different people.   When people search my name, they can find ZoomInfo's site on the 2nd page of results.  (For those of you with names like Kevin and Steve you are fortunate that it will be harder for people to identify you.)  Want to learn about others?

Mark Driscoll

Ed Stetzer

Jordon Cooper

Andrew Jones 

Tim Challies

Bob Hyatt

Joe Thorn  

And the list goes on…more and more sites are going to collect every bit of data on you.  Every (unwise?) post you make, every comment that you leave and anywhere you leave a trace.  I just want you to be aware, the internet is watching you now….. 

NOTE (please use rel="nofollow" for any links you post to ZoomInfo so that you don't help spread the disease.)


  1. How good it is to have a common name that is shared with several authors and one current governor! Freaky, though to think that all the stupid things I said one some blog is stored somewhere.

  2. I’m so glad I’m not popular.

  3. David, I found you (you have two listings)

    btw- David is says that Tim Keller, Michael Horton & John Piper are your colleagues. Pretty darn good company!

  4. It’s not just people now that can find you. They’ll be a perfect track recrod for someone in 40 years time who’s looking for you. Think about this means for parents and kids…… longer will you be able to say do this without gettting a response of, well if you check out what you said on this URL….

  5. I am surprised to me on that list.

  6. Absolutely terrifying. Thankful to be in the shadow of Notre Dame archivists and lighting designers.

    Good thing for McCoy & Fairchild that zoom missed their careers as exotic dancers!

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