MySpace Oversaturated

Anyone else tired of MySpace? It seems like it’s no longer ‘my’ space but 5,602,234 marketing opportunities to promote stuff to you.

  • David

    November 2, 2005, 10:47 pm

    couldn’t agree more. I take a deep breath and plunge in whenever I have a message, but I really am tired of getting marketed to. at some point the human mind simply turns off to oversaturation and the only way to awaken it is to slip into the lowest forms of base impulse- sex and a lot of it. This seems to me what happens to all of these kind of sites- eventually they piss off the users and can only keep men around by parading hoochie momma’s in every banner.

  • archshrk

    November 3, 2005, 5:41 pm

    Never used it but from visiting others’ sites I find it very busy and distracting. I couldn’t even find the posts on some sites because they are so shotgun blasted togather and focus on all the accessories neglecting the content. Your “friends” list should not be more dominant than your actual content. I found Xanga and Blogger to be much more user focused and less about the bells and whistles. Of course is the best, but not everyone can host their own blog.