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The Lie of Transparency in Community

Another idea that came from the Caesar visit deals with Transparency vs. Vulnerability in community.  As a church seeks to see the gospel transform their community and lead them to mission, sin/idols are exposed.  One potential danger is that people who enter into the life of the community are willing to be transparent, but they are not vulnerable.  Meaning, you can have a person publicly profess sin, being very transparent BUT they have no intention of letting other people speak into their life toward change.  This false transparency appears like humility but it is a charade of self-righteousness behind the 'right things to say'.  

As people get into each others lives, we must 'submit one to another' to allow others to confront the idols of our hearts.   


  1. Great point, Drew. We’ve seen this phenomenon in our cell groups. Some people will disclose pretty much anything for the psychological effect of “getting it off my chest.” However, the confession isn’t a sign of humble submission, because the confessor maintains absolute control over the entire situation – thereby gaining no victory.

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