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Reformed Gangsta Rap

reformed-gangstas.gif Ok, this is over the top hilarious.  There's nothing like hard core reformed gangsta rap calvin-style. Click on image to enjoy…

I think there was a drive-by shooting…  

Someone has too much free time!   (Disclaimer to the ultra-Reformed: I'm not implying they have a free will.)


  1. ah, but check out the good stuff:

    …co-founded by an a29 pastor in philly.

  2. That is some funny stuff, the flash video was sweet!

    I have been listening to The CrossMovement and particularly the Ambassador since they started. Both of the Ambassador’s solo albums are the two best rap albums I have ever heard…period. I have played them for non Christians many times and even with the theological rhymes it is too good not to like.

  3. Gene Cook had them on his show and found out that the guys that put this video together is a hyper-preterist. Kookie. If you don’t know what a hyper-preterist is, you might want to check on it here:

    Other that that, it’s pretty funny.

  4. Yeah, I noticed the hyper preterism on their website. Flee!

  5. Props to the guy who brought up cross movement. I remember one of the first songs I heard done by them used the phrase “hypostatic union.”

  6. If you liked Reformed Gangsta Rap, you might like another production by TKC called, “The Reformation Polka”

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