Kaleo Church Website

Kaleo Church WebsiteNew Kaleo Church Website…coming soon. We’ve built the framework (nice web standards/css) for the new site. It’s going to be nice to finally move from table based designs on this one. We’re moving all the content now into the Ekklesia System (this is saying a lot when you have 100’s of articles and sermons!). But man, is it going to make life easier when we’re using ES from now on. Also, the url’s will be rewritten so instead of


Which will have an added bonus for ease of use and SEO.

Ok, now throw out some suggestions. What does every church website need? What do you think is critical to have on the home page for visitors? I’d love to hear your comments as we finalize it. Also, if you have any great graphic design people who want to throw their hat in the ring, I’d love some cool images….

  • pete in bellingham

    December 2, 2005, 2:53 pm

    Looks good Drew…what about having an mp3 player on the home page? For me, the sermons are one of the main reasons why I return to church sites so I’d prefer to have that up front rather than having to click for it.

  • Kevin Cawley

    December 2, 2005, 5:59 pm

    I love the mock up. It looks a bit blog-ish. Are you going to have an RSS feed? Podcast? Photos of David sleeping with his mouth open?

    As far as MUSTS for church websites, I would say that the crucial MUST NOT is to leave any section with a “Coming Soon” type message. I have seen so many church websites that have audio sections, or forums, etc., and they have been “Coming Soon” for months. This is all to say that churches should work to keep their site current. If you hope to have other sections, build them into the design, but don’t have active links up that take you to dead sections.