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Missional Leader Curriculum

This weekend David Fairchild, Tim Chester, Steve Timmis, Jeff Vanderstelt, Caesar Kalinowski & Mark Moore and I head out of town Friday – Sunday to work on the The Porterbrook Network Curriculum to develop missional leaders. Looking forward to spending some time with this international crew.


  1. Drew, I’m really looking forward to see/read/hear what God guides all of you to develop for this curriculum. You guys are definitely feeling God’s pulse on this. Be encouraged bro!

  2. Hey Drew,

    Where does Kaleo meet? I recently moved to ATL from San Diego (may 2007). very interested to check-it out when I return on vacation.

  3. Jesse,

    You can get all the info here: we meet in various places and times so chose what is appropriate to you. Where do you live in SD? I can connect you with people in our community.

  4. Enjoyed meeting you at TC conference, Drew. Wish we could have connected a little more. Do keep me in the loop on the PB curricula. I’ve got guys asking about it and I am curious about the pilot version.

    Oh, thanks for the Domains session too. I really appreciated the dialogical approach to help us work this stuff through church structure.


  5. Loved the Post Christian Church Planting video, Drew. I look forward to browsing more of your site over time. God bless.


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