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Mars Hill NEW (Beta) Website

marshill-new-website.gifI attended Mars Hill for many years but one thing that always bothered me was their website.  The total-flash based site (while great looking) just was not functional.  It is great to see the launch of Mars Hill's new (beta) website !  Web standards, clean design, oh my.

This is a BETA, so there will be bugs, but some of their goals in making the site better include:

Glorify God
Get the site out of the way as much as possible and let the gospel get out.

More information
As the body grows it becomes harder to keep up with what is going on, blogs here, media here, events over there. Well, we are trying to build a site that aggregates all things Mars Hill Church into one spot.

Deep Linking
On the current site nothing can be linked to. What's that all about? Well we are pulling the site out of flash and making each page of the site have a distinct URL. A big part of that is this section of the site, which we are calling the Mars  Hill Church Wiki.

Media Library
We are in the very early stages of upgrading the Media Library. For now all that means is that it has been pulled out of the main site and is now at /media. We will be making some minor updates to the player to add such things as Pause (yeah!), and have revised the look for now.

Great step forward guys.


  1. I agee– the flash site was cool to look at, but a nightmare to navigate. And I also agree, the beta site looks great.

  2. Good take, Drew. I think the old site set a standard for Flash-based sites, however, I spent most of my time browsing the “non-flash” version of the site. The beta update proves that when it comes to Flash, less truly is a whole lot more.

  3. I asked Sam (MH tech lead) if they used this theory to develop the new one:

  4. That is a fairly complicated diagram… (Seriously, too bad I just did our site in all Flash.)

    [BTW I smell ajax. this is a sweet blog, Drew.]

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