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Leading a Missional Community


A Missional Community (MC) is a committed core of believers who live out the mission of God together in a specific area or to a particular people group by demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms and declaring the gospel to others – both those who believe it and those who are being exposed to it.

To Clarify…A Missional Community is not PRIMARILY:

  1. A Small Group
  2. A Bible Study
  3. A Support Group
  4. A Social Activist Group
  5. A Weekly Meeting

Download: Leading a Missional Community (pdf)

Document Includes:

How to establish a Missional Communities Direction including the 'mission' of the community, how the community should be led, MC responsibilities, activities and more.  Created from a gospel-centered, triperspectival angle.  

Credits: Soma Communities, edited for Kaleo by David Fairchild. 


  1. Drew – we at the Austin Stone ( are developing VERY similar visions, strategies, tools and resources. I would love to talk/email more and share ideas and tools beyond the blog.

    Right now I’m blogging on what it means to build a movement of missional communities. I’d love your input as well.

  2. Drew,

    are the different categories referred to in the document – servants, family, missionaries, etc. discussed elsewhere? I didn’t really see an explanation there.

  3. Stew, cool I’ll take a look. btw- we are having a conference on this stuff later this month.

    Nick, this comes from Soma, who have created their Identity & Rhythms.

  4. Awesome! Just what I was looking for!


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  7. Deacon & Usher were here………

    How do you measure accountability of your leaders and over what length of time?

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