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"Church plants that are part of a network are 400% more likely to succeed."

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"We've found that if you aim to develop leaders, you'll get what these people can do.  If you aim to develop gospel pacesetters, you will get what only the gospel can do."

Daniel Montgomery (Sojourn Community Church) retelling a quote that Dick Kaufmann (Harbor Presbyterian) gave him regarding developing  leaders.


  1. Help me with that quote a little bit here , “ONLY what the gospel can do?”

  2. Whoops, “WHAT only the gospel can do”. Two words transposed and meaning is completely opposite. I get it now.

  3. Hey Drew – interested in this one. The gospel I get. But can you give more context to what a “gospel pacesetter” is as opposed to a regular leader? or how you’d go about developing a leader vs. a gospel pacesetter?

  4. Bruce – Gospel pacesetters are people who understand, have been transformed by and seek to restore others through the gospel.

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